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View Diary: * New Day * — How faulty are YOUR tastebuds? Mine don't work so well (264 comments)

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  •  It's physiology. (11+ / 0-)

    Women tend to  have better sense of smell than men mostly due to estrogen. Women are also more likely to be supertasters:

    . Supertasters are people with two or sometimes just one dominant allele for the gene TAS2R28. And although they can perceive more nuanced flavor in food than nontasters, they often find common foods too bitter, sweet or spicy.

    In 1991, Linda Bartoshuk, then of Yale Medical School, coined the name "supertasters" for the people with acute PROP sensitivity and noticed that they had a denser covering of fungiform papillae than nontasters. She linked the number of taste receptor cells to supertaste.
    For supertasters, coffee, hoppy beer and vegetables like Brussels sprouts might be too bitter; cake and ice cream might be too rich and chili peppers might be too hot. There are, however, a few advantages of super taste-sensitivity.

    My sister has the same super sniffer nose. My dad would look at us in astonishment when we would smell things that no one else could perceive.

    The Brussels sprouts reference in the article  is funny because to this day, I can't eat them and I dont understand why anyone does. Beer? I don't drink it. I won't eat icing on cake. The big cupcake fad, with big blobs of frosting? That passed me right by. Ugh.

    Drinking  wine, I taste pencil lead, tobacco leaves, strawberry vs cherry vs raspberry. And it took me years to be able to tolerate that heavy flavor. I still won't drink strong peppery wine like Syrah. I might as well chew on a peppermill.

    I used to order my Thai food "ZERO stars, baby level." The server would laugh at me, then bring me something I could eat -- usually.

    I don't bother asking my husband, do you smell that? I know he doesn't. He has many traits I lack. He can read tiny print for example. I seem to have lost that skill in the last year.

    But there are some days I think  I'm closer to my beagle than him in this regard.


    Nah, she puts all of us to shame. Her nose rocks.

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    by grover on Wed Sep 11, 2013 at 08:57:04 AM PDT

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