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  •  I'm home late from a trip off island, but here's (3+ / 0-)

    my protocol, for anyone up late or early tomorrow!

    I used to have a worm bin but it was wood, and the rats moved in. It's pretty startling to open the lid and see several giant rats looking up at you. I'm planning to start again with a plastic container. I use red wigglers. They don't leave the bin even if they can. It's in their nature.

    Kitchen waste gets dumped in the woods in a big pile. The raccoon, rats, crows, slugs and other animals go through it. I admit I don't recycle it into my garden.

    In winter I collect seaweed off the beach and put that in my garden. The most perfect source of micronutrients. Dissolves fast into the dirt, lots of nice organic matter.

    I save eggshells, dry them, grind them up in a blender, and put in my potted veggies, the tomatoes and cukes. Supposedly helps with blossom end rot.

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