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  •  George Zimmerman, according to sworn (2+ / 0-)
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    witness testimony at his trial, had a guy on top of him, punching his face and bashing his head into the concrete for 30-40 seconds while he screamed for help to no avail, before he discharged his weapon; and that his injuries were consistent with this, and that blows to the head of this sort are more than enough to put someone at serious risk of severe injury - meaning the fear of such is reasonable.

    At the same time, while his confrontation with Martin was unjustified, there is no evidence that it rose beyond the level of simple battery, meaning Martin's response (which moved into the deadly force territory with the 30 seconds of bashing Zimmerman's head into concrete) was completely disproportionate to the level of defense necessary to having been grabbed by Zimmerman. Martin was never in reasonable fear of imminent death or serious injury before he decided to try to bash Zimmerman's head in as punishment for disrespecting him.

    You don't get to judge Zimmerman's guilt in this matter on whether or not he's a scumbag. The guy is indeed, by all reports, a scumbag, but all the actual evidence suggests that the homicide itself was completely justifiable act by someone in reasonable fear of serious injury or death, and was prevented by his attacker from retreating, and thus not criminal.

    There is so much demagoguery around this case, and none of it comports to the sworn evidence at trial. But that is the only evidence we have to judge what really happened on; intuition is merely a way of dressing up confirmation bias.

    Non enim propter gloriam, diuicias aut honores pugnamus set propter libertatem solummodo quam Nemo bonus nisi simul cum vita amittit. -Declaration of Arbroath

    by Robobagpiper on Wed Sep 11, 2013 at 11:39:00 AM PDT

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