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View Diary: Maybe the GOP is right where it expects to be. (62 comments)

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  •  I agree with the general idea, (0+ / 0-)

    except that the Brown and Black people are becoming the majority in many cities and states and they show no great tendency to go Republican.

    The Repubs will undoubtedly keep searching for minorities and women who hate themselves to run as Republicans but most minorities and women are not going to be attracted to them.

    Unless they change their ways of legislating on top of their bigoted insults I don't see how they will gain that many more voters.

    Women in Alaska had just as bad an opinion of Palin at the point she quit the governorship as men did.  Paling probably not zero votes for the Native population.

    Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson didn't run in 2012 because the Tea Party didn't see her as radical enough.  She was looking at a possible loss.  She had no way to make up the lose of those votes with minority votes.

    Younger voters tend to become more conservative as they grow older, but an increasing number of today's young voters are minorities.  Some of them will become tomorrow's Allen West's but will the same percentage of aging minorities shift right, especially radical right, as the % of non minorities have in the past.

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