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  •  The Myth of the Lone Frontiersman (10+ / 0-)

    That is my term for the contemporary GOP view of the world. The Lone Frontiersman is living on the Edge of the Prairie, shootin' (lone frontiersmen use no "g"s) his own injuns, rapin' his own wimmuns, and generally gettin' along without no nosy-parker gubmint agents there makin' him take out buildin' parmits and sich similar gubmint-defined nonsense.

    The Lone Frontiersman does it hisself, and don't need no gubmint. Corporations are good fer yer LF, since they supply crap cheap, but unions ur bad - unions show that the LF is weak.

    The LF myth is why we are losing the rural areas. Every time some moron comes up with some idiotic shit like regulating hours worked by kids on farms, we lose another rural turf.

    And the biggest, most important part of the MotLF is the gun. Why, every LF needs 2, 3, 5, 26 guns. They's injuns out there, and they's wimmens to rape, and without  a gun, a man's not a man.

    And that is why we got our clock cleaned. Plus the voter access stuff.

    Until we address the notion of collective action (like unions and zoning boards and child labor laws), the GOP is gonna clean our clocks in the rural turfs, we will get our asses gerrymandered from here to Arcturus, and we are gonna see a HUGE DEBACLE in 2014.

    Speaking of 2013, VA is coming up. We better keep on eye on that ...

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