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View Diary: Justice Ginsburg officiating at same-sex wedding makes theocrats very sad (94 comments)

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    But cis is not one of them.  I was raised as a female and am well aware of the ways western American culture is shitty to women and justifies it with "biblical" beliefs.

    That are not really biblical at all, but that's not necessarily the topic of discussion.   I did attend an orthodox yeshiva and live as a man - but that does not erase my understanding or experiences as a girl and briefly as a woman.

    I do ask in all seriousness though - why you think that it's ok to appropriate a whole cultural belief system and turn it on its head (because Christianity is inherently anti-Torah from a scriptural point of view - and yes, I'm very familiar with the NT as well, though my Koine Greek is pretty poor) to support something outside that cultural construct is ok?  And then get irritated when the people who wrote the cultural system disagree that it's yours - or that you're reading it correctly?

    This really bothers me actually as a general thing.

    Torah is sacred to my cultural identity, it is not something I literally believe.  But as my heritage and something I devote time and energy to understanding within the context of the culture that it engendered, it matters to me and millions of other Jews.  I do think we have a certain exclusivity and even authority concerning the stories within it - because they are only completely understandable within the construct of our culture.  

    You don't see First Peoples or Australian Aboriginals pontificating on the meaning of the Eddas, now do you?  Because it's not their book.  Thank you Lewis Black.

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