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  •  Water Is Actually (H2O)18 Because of Hydrogen (1+ / 0-)
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    The water molecule looks somewhat like Mickey Mouse with the 2 smaller hydrogen atoms (Mickey's ears) located toward the end of the oxygen atom (Mickey's skull) positioned at an obtuse angle of about 135 degrees and they have magnetic dipole moments that attract their magnetic opposites giving rise to surface tension effects and the observed curved meniscus allowing more water to be poured into a container than the calculated volume of that container.
    It also is responsible for the unique physical property of water having a maximum density at 4 deg C so the solid form of water is weirdly less dense than it is in its liquid state thereby freezing at its surface on down.

    •  hydrogen bonding is never accounted for in naming (0+ / 0-)

      And I know what it looks like and it's properties. You sound rather insulting right now given that I am a chemist.

      The point is you can't really properly call it hydrogen hydroxide. It's just gives the wrong impression and has no support in any naming convention.

    •  ps (1+ / 0-)
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      it's not magnetic dipoles it's electric dipoles. Though I'm sure there's some magnetic induction, given how weak the electric dipole is the resulting magnetic induction would be even weaker.

      And it's part of the reason another reason is stacking and the consequences of permanent bond formation as water freezes. Because water is a bent linear shape it stacks badly in it's solid form. Many bent linear show this property though I do believe water is one of the most extreme.

      Further meniscuses form as a result of the play between intermolecular adhesion and intramolecular adhesion. In the case of water it's polar nature attracts it to the glass more then the forces holding it together. Thus you get an upward  curving meniscus. However in other cases like mercury the forces holding mercury together are much stronger then the attraction to the glass and thus you get an upward curving meniscus.

      However magnetics play at best a secondary role in all of this and only come into play via inductive effects. It's all primarily electric attraction and repulsion.

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