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    Ian Reifowitz

    Speaker Quinn said she would reappoint police chief Ray Kelly. The other candidates indicated that they would not. How much more discussion of that issue was needed?

    "I'm not Bloomberg" was another popular issue, with all the candidates, except Ms Quinn again, indicating that it's time for a change. How much more discussion of that issue was needed?

    Weiner might have raised local issues -- "first thing I'm gonna do is tear out all the f---ing bike lanes." He may have wished to run for Prime Minister of Israel -- "the U.S. Embassy should be in Jerusalem". But thank goodness his trouser torpedo blew up his campaign before he could turn the primary into a referendum on our policy in the Holy Land.

    But yeah, Thompson was apparently so afraid of being seen as an "angry black man" that I didn't see him caring about anything much at all.

    And late in the campaign Quinn came to be afraid of being seen as "Bloomberg's fourth term", but despite a great resume I can't recall her stand on any other issues.

    John Liu announced that he wanted to legalize marijuana. But that bold stand came so late, and he was already so sunk, that it didn't become an issue. If it had, I would have voted for him.

    Some issues they just didn't dare. We need to start Phase 2 of the Second Avenue Subway, to connect Harlem to the hospitals and other jobs on the Upper East side, but that will cost billions. Cheaper to make mush-mouth talk about buses.

    At least nobody went negative. That could have been very harmful.

    Now I'm hoping we can avoid a runoff. There's nothing to be gained from having one, certainly not a full discussion of issues.

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