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View Diary: Jacksonville school STILL named after KKK founder (111 comments)

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    From 1969-73 I lived in Jax and supervised student teachers for Jacksonville University. I spent time in a lot of schools and classrooms. I also heard some of the history of the district.

    Before I came, the schools were completely segregated. There was one all black high school for the geographically large district. Black students were bussed for miles, past all white high schools, to the all black school.

    By the time I arrived, that had ended. The schools were still segregated, but it was due to segregated housing patterns. Then the court ordered the schools to de-segregate. There were lots of protests. Several of the worst black school buildings were closed. "Separate but equal" was definitely not equal. Kids were bussed from their neighborhoods to achieve racial equality.

    Claude Kirk was FL governor. He tried, unsuccessfully, in 1970 to stop a de-segregation plan in Manatee County. In the Democratic presidential primary in 1972, George Wallace won state wide and carried Jacksonville with about 70% of the vote.

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