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View Diary: AFL-CIO adopts resolution criticizing part of Obamacare (107 comments)

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  •  Sorry, nope I didn't get that... (0+ / 0-)

    ...because I misread your comment -- perhaps because reality is so bizarre in this case.

    That's a bizarre situation where you pay for insurance but you don't actually receive coverage unless you work some number of hours (I presume that's a proxy for contributing some minimum amount of money to the insurance pools).

    I'm curious why this is "acceptable" to the other members of your union. Surely there must be a better way (albeit, one where you may have to "top off" the premiums out of your own pocket if you can afford it). This sounds like a subsidy to the members who can for some reason find enough work to meet the "minimum hours worked" -- why should you pay for their insurance with no benefit to yourself?

    •  Willr (0+ / 0-)

      First, I didn't mean to come off as an A$$ whole, Not my intention, Prior to the ACA, There wasnt to many Policies to pick from. When work is Good, No problem Getting the Hours, But when work is slow, WE cant do it, AND no it is not exceptable, WE have been screaming for years!! As for out of Pocket, WE can only self pay once per year. Exactly, The Plan was good during Normal Work times, But never took into consideration when times get slow. So as I said, For us, The exchange is a better option. My plan requires 800 hours per year, 200 per qtr, to Maintain coverage, here is an example, Now let's say it is a slow year, I work 175 hours each quarter, 700 total, Sorry, NO INS, And to frickin ice the cake, To reinstate, IF I do not get 273hrs that is an extra 73 hours the following quarter,  Sorry, NO INS. The INS dictates this. Many aspects just happened to show up. Also, that many hours, 700 x hrly. rate of Contribition= $$$$, Now then just to add this, Next time anyone complains why a UNION rejects a raise in Contribution to Health ans Welfare, It is because of BULLSH&T like this, This is the Crap that NEVER, NEVER gets reported by the media.

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