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View Diary: The American People Have Spoken: No More War Abroad, More Jobs at Home (158 comments)

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  •  Dear Senator Sanders (0+ / 0-)

    or the staff person who might be reading this.

    As you may know, President Assad banned GMO crops from Syria in 2012.

    It is known that multinational agriculture corporations are VERY interested in Syria's indigenous crops, including historic varieties of wheat and chickpeas.  While chickpeas are something of an exotic ingredient for Americans outside the deep South, they are a staple across much of the Global South.  

    It is also a matter of documented fact that when the USA invades your country, your national seed bank will be destroyed, as happened in Iraq and Afghanistan.  That may or may not be accident or coincidence.  I believe it is no coincidence, but I can't prove my suspicions.

    The Syrian govt. has taken the precaution of storing part of its' national seed collection at Svalbord, a measure whose wisdom is debatable, but is, I suppose, preferable to having the national seed bank destroyed altogether.

    I urge you, Senator, to please make sure that the conditions eventually imposed on Syria to avoid an American attack do NOT include that Syria has to open its' borders to GMO crops and the companies which manufacture them.

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