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  •  While focusing on the plight of people who are (3+ / 0-)
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    being deprived of their rights is a natural, normal and caring response, it does nothing to counteract the behavior of people who are proposing to violate a person's bodily integrity either by taking away necessary health care or by ordering an invasive inspection of body cavities. We used to object to legislators practicing medicine. Unfortunately, any number of medical professionals have since become legislators in order to recruit the laws to enhance the income stream for themselves and their colleagues. Obstetrics is a profession that suffers a drop in income when fewer babies are conceived and born. Midwives don't help their bottom line either. But, instead of retraining and engaging in a more diverse medical practice, they are trying to create a captive population they can exploit.
    The medical appliances industry was flying high as disposability became the norm, replacing sterilization and reuse and every patient was sent home with a bag of implements for home use. As usual, success went to their heads and the healthcare industry was prompted to order and dispense unneeded stuff and then, as also often happens, just make up data to inflate the accounts. That brought in the inspectors and now every item has to be specified and prescribed and justified. As a result profits are shrinking. Vaginal probes look like a lucrative disposable appliance. If they iritate women, so much the better.

    We assume that obstetricians like women, but there's little evidence. Considering the riggors of med school, that probably looks like the easiest road to the golf course. Sometimes evil is coincidental.

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