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  •  Strike a pose, there's nothin' to it. (6+ / 0-)

    The secret of Madonna's success.  Love that hover!

    It's 77, going to a high of 76.  Lovely day!

    It's International Chocolate Day. Do you prefer American chocolate, or something more International? What is your favorite chocolate?
    Don't much care where my chocolate comes from, but some of 'em aren't so good.  Not so fond of Dove.  I like Lindt dark, and some of Newman's Own organics.  After years of preferring dark chocolate (I still love it), I've lately been craving milk chocolate.  Not much interested in chocolate with other "stuff" in it.  I mean, chocolate is already better than anything you could add to it.
    Do you defy superstitions by doing those things that the superstitions warn against (walking under ladders, etc.)?
    I have a neurotic compulsion to step on sidewalk cracks.  Mommy issues, perhaps.
    Remembering that it's Think Positive Day, would you let your kids take over the kitchen? Have you done so in the past? If so, are your kids good in the kitchen? (If your kids are grownups, maybe the question would work better for grandkids.)
    Got no grandkids, but both my grown kids are pretty good in the kitchen, especially the younger one.
    Are you or any close to you celiacs? If so, have you found any good products or recipes that are as tasty as the gluten-filled things?
    No celiacs here.  My older son has some mysterious digestive problem, but it seems more meat-related.

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