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    I had celiac as an infant. Luckily I was diagnosed before I died, but I got pretty sick. They switched me to soy formula, I think, and then I was fine. I don't remember that, of course, but I do remember that when I was a toddler, there were very few things I could eat -- mostly pot cheese and bananas at first, and then they'd add things like boiled eggs, but if I got sick, which I did all the time, I had to go right back to the most restricted diet.

    Luckily, my family were fanatical about the diet, and also luckily, I didn't know any better at the time. It would be awful to have those restrictions imposed as an adult! They were promised I would grow out of it, and apparently I did, because by the time I went to school, I was allowed to eat whatever the other kids were eating. I have never had any trouble with gluten, specifically, since, although I certainly have a metabolism that should avoid refined carbs of any kind.

    Now, chocolate! I can't remember ever not liking chocolate. Back in the celiac days, they used to buy me artificially-sweetened chocolate, which was not so common back then. (I am told, although I don't remember, that one Easter they had a chocolate bunny specially molded for me, supposedly from sugar-free chocolate, but it turned out when I bit the ears that they'd used completely unsweetened chocolate. My grandmother had to be restrained from finding the chocolate-maker and killing him.)

    So, here are my picks (dark, of course): The chocolate in Paris is wonderful. More locally, I highly endorse Genevieve's in Garfield, NJ, where the chocolate-dipped orange peel is my favorite. They enrobe a lot of fruits and nuts, and also make an excellent buttercrunch in both dark and milk. It's a long-time small business in an old NJ town; they don't have a website (link is to Yelp), but it looks like they're on Facebook. They have often assured me that they will ship orders placed by phone, but I'd much rather go there and smell the chocolate.

    I'm very fond of Moonstruck Chocolate, based in Portland OR. Those are the boxed truffles I send when such a gift is called for. They had a store in Chicago for some time, and then for a while, stores all over the place, but I think they overextended themselves and now they are back to being physically only in Oregon. My fave item of theirs is the Ocumarian Truffle, but you really ought to check out their truffle page. They have very original and tasty ones, and also do some adorable cats, dogs, mice, etc.

    I also favor a smaller Portland OR establishment, Alma Chocolates. My very favorite there is their Thai Peanut Butter Cup. They also make a splendid line of solid dark chocolate gold-leafed icons, from the Virgin of Guadalupe to Ganesha to Sheilagh Na Gig.

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