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View Diary: Joe Biden calls House GOP the 'Neanderthal crowd' for trying to block Violence Against Women Act (33 comments)

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  •  might want to take a look (0+ / 0-)

    at what VAWA actually prescribes. Word salad word salad targets aren't special word salad word salad defining moral import (of abuse --yeah, no one was doing that) word salad word salad macho males have a point.

    Word salad word salad what a fucking disgusting mens rights style justification against passing the BARE MINIMUM of protections. There are so many, so so many poor men who have been abused by VAWA. Who, I ask you who -- will think of the menz? What if ONE SINGLE man is offended by this legislation? What about that poor man? I say, throw away all protections so that we don't accidentally offend that macho man. Yeah. not.

    •  Protection is a racket. Protection serves to keep (0+ / 0-)

      something vulnerable secure or tied down to prevent the realization of a threat. Protection requires the presence of a threat. If there is no threat, there is nothing to protect.

      "Serve and protect" is a binary. It refers to one entity serving and another protecting in exchange.

      "You serve; I protect." That's the recipe the culture of obedience prefers. I prefer "Keep your hands to yourself and don't touch."

      •  OK ... that's not how cops understand "Protect and (3+ / 0-)
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        hannah, nathantyree, bastrop

        Serve" ...  Strictly speaking, heaven help the beat cop who's caught geting "service" from a civilian ... nor do civilians in general "serve" cops in general -- except for the part where taxes pay for services.

        So yeah.  I get the argument that "offering protection just encourages dependency" ...  it's just a question of how far into Anarchy one wants to follow that argument.

        But, a very long and complex process went into getting "Hate Crime Laws" passed in the first place.   Buried in these laws are a great many technical provisions providing for public and police education, record keeping, and reward-for-achievement funding.

        But on the surface there were three underlying considerations that made these measures "neccessary" in the minds of the legislators.

        1) their moral repugnance around the apparent physical  mis-match between victim and perpetrator(s) in domestic violence and hate crimes  

        2) their  belief that some violence is purely situational: "it just happens"  it's a matter of provocation and/or opportunity, and it's a more or less "one-off" event for the perpetrator --  but other violence is culturally mandated: the perpetrator will SEEK opportunities and requires no provocation -- and counts on widely observed cultural biases to provide protection from consequences.  

        This, "the hate crime," is seen as more dangerous to society as a whole, than randomly occurring situations in which tempers are lost and punches thrown.

        3) and the legislative determination that the existing assault laws were NOT giving sufficient legal tools to address hate crimes and domestic violence.

        Now, sure, "there was a time" when men enforced the "ye dinna hit a Lassie" rule on each other ... which resulted in a certain number of broken noses as suchlike.

        Like it or not "civil society" does mean that the democratically elected "government" acquires a greater and greater monopoly on "the use of force" -- and the world comes to look less and less like the BBC drama "Copper."

        Or, we could go back to "every man for himself" with fists, clubs and small arms.

        This tends to be very bad for women, children, not to mention the elderly, infirm and demographic minorities.

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