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  •  You're Overblowing the Turnout (5+ / 0-)

    The reality is that these races were blown by the Democrats because they listened to outsiders like you who know nothing about Colorado.  The papers here are reporting more like $3.5 spent in both races.  Remember, these districts have a population of about 177,000 each and both have less than 100,000 registered voters.  The amount of money spent here is more than is usually spent on a statewide race and both these districts were in the relatively small Colorado Springs media market (less that 750,000 people).

    The Democratic Party and its strategists told these candidates to downplay the gun issue in their campaign, and they're still telling all of their statewide candidates the same thing.  In fact they're even telling some candidates to go to candidate forums and listen on the gun issues but not respond.  Look folks maybe in other states this might work, but folks aren't easy to fool here.  They wanted to hear what laws were really passed, what they really did and they wanted to hear candidates out and proud of passing these bills, which PPP showed were popular even with those who did vote in the Districts which passed the recall.  Doesn't that tell you something?  The recall was about guns.  The specific features about the legislation passed were popular in the districts and still the Dems are recalled?  Major disconnect.  Dems don't have to hide from their legislation.  It's popular.  Only Republicans have to hide from their specific proposals.  Democrats should be proud and telling people about what they passed here in Colorado this year.  Instead they go mute and set back gun safety legislation 20 years at least.

    Giron was way over confident.  What would you do when the organizers of the recall have a ridiculouosly high percentage of valid signatures on their petition - something like 80%?  Would you take the election lightly and beam confidence?  Or, would you know that you're up against some very sophisticated people (on the par with the Obama campaign at least) and really get down to business.

    If you had $70 per vote cast, how easy would it be for you to get out the vote in a very limited geographic area?  Well for me, it would have been easy.

    The mail ballot thing was a drag.  But, the Democratic legislature mucked this up this year.  The reality there was plenty of early voting.  Colorado has had mail ballots for a while now, but early voting was used for the first time.

    Again, with 3.5 million, can't you message.  Here's what we did, we're proud of it, the Republicans lie about XYZ.  Even their own Attorney General disagrees with what they are saying.  Can't you inoculate your self from the lies that you have known for six months are coming?  We're going to confiscate your guns - lies, and on and on and on.  How about an early piece explaining with humbleness, but a certain amount of pride here in Colorado that innocent school children and movie goers have been shot dead by people who shouldn't have guns and we want to try these common sense gun regulations to see if they will help.  And for heaven's sake, what about a simple piece that says "Republicans want Willie Horton to be able to buy a gun legally the day he gets out of prison."  That's literally is what the Republicans want.  The messaging is so simple.  Yet, Democratic candidates weren't talking about the elephant in the room and still aren't.  People, in Colorado at least don't like it one bit when you pass a bill and then refuse to defend it.  They think people like that are gutless and even worse, politicians.  They think it even of a former police chief.

    The real problem here is that, as usual, Democrats have no idea how to talk to the voters of Colorado on a controversial subject and sound like the moderates that Democrats in Colorado mostly are.

    And when are Democrats going to figure out that pulling a Carter and saying the American Public is morose, or depressed, or not interested is a really terrible campaign tactic, even when you're quoting Robert Kennedy.  Hell, the Kennedy's weren't popular in this state ever and aren't now.

    Frankly, this is a big deal for the Democratic majorities next year.  And if the Democrats in this state continue to tell their candidates to stand mute on the gun issue, well, then we will be back on the red side next year.

    So, in my view, this was an election that was blown by the ridiculous waste of money by the campaigns and the outside groups, a mis-messaged campaign and a campaign where Democrats were running as if it was 1980 and you had to run away from gun issues.  The campaigns were a complete waste of time, effort and money and those involved should be run out of the state on a rail.  I know that's what we used to do with these kind of idiots when I was a big wheel in the Republican Party, before I left it.

    Please KOS, don't try to make this disaster seem like it is easy to explain.  It was a disaster and it wasn't all turnout.  It was a mess and Democrats had better learn how to deal with it instead or relying on polls saying what they're doing is popular.  The Republicans threw a lot of bombs here and the Democrats didn't.  As usual, when that happens, the Democrats got their butts kicked.

    One more thing, close only counts in hand grenades and horseshoes.  And it sure as hell doesn't count in politics which is nothing if not a win/lose deal only.  Close is for losers.

    •  I have to agree at $70 a voter it would have been (0+ / 0-)

      quite easy to run a campaign.

      I'll be your post man. GOP takes away your right to vote, I give it back.

      Call blah-blah for postal voting.

      Show up, pick em up, snacks for the kids, and hi oh silver to the polls.

      give the NRA the Royal Flush join Stop The NRA

      by 88kathy on Fri Sep 13, 2013 at 11:31:08 AM PDT

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