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View Diary: Nine months and 23,000 shot dead since Sandy Hook (41 comments)

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  •  Slate estimates more than 24,000 by now (17+ / 0-)

    Update, June 19, 2013: As time goes on, our count gets further and further away from the likely actual number of gun deaths in America—because roughly 60 percent of deaths by gun are due to suicides, which are very rarely reported. When discussing this issue, please note that our number is by design not accurate and represents only the number of gun deaths that the media can find out about contemporaneously. Part of the purpose of this interactive is to point out how difficult it is to get accurate real-time numbers on this issue.

    Using the most recent CDC estimates for yearly deaths by guns in the United States, it is likely that as of today, 9/13/2013, roughly 24,180 people have died from guns in the United States since the Newtown shootings. Compare that number to the number of deaths reported in the news in our interactive below, and you can see how undertold the story of gun violence in America actually is.

    Their actual, crowdsourced count of reported deaths in the news is at 8038. Interesting way to document society's chosen silence/ignorance on suicide, but it certainly serves the gun lobby's interests for the media to ignore the epidemic.

    Queue up the usual gun lobby complaints that suicide is just a choice, ignoring in turn that we don't have a system in place in this country allowing for suicide as a well reasoned, medically tested and approved choice.

    Guns don't kill people. We are all immortal souls living temporarily in shelters of earth and meat. -- this message brought to you by the Night Vale chapter of the N.R.A.

    by tytalus on Fri Sep 13, 2013 at 09:36:22 AM PDT

    •  Cue up the Havard "report" / Suicide (4+ / 0-)

         Slate also says that they guesstimate that their numbers are woefully low.
           Gun Lobby routinely drags out what they dub as the Harvard Report - which always takes me forever to find and then point out the flaw in their argument - that they conveniently never discuss, which is the report is about suicide, not guns.  

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