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View Diary: Nine months and 23,000 shot dead since Sandy Hook (41 comments)

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  •  Yes, let's speak of it...a lot (0+ / 0-)

    If the diary title was "Nine months and 23,000 firearm deaths since Sandy Hook", would the diary be weaker, or just as good?

    if weaker: Pretty much makes my point about propping things up with deceptive wording, doesn't it?
    if just as good: Then, if given the choice between being accurate and being inaccurate, which in your opinion would be the more appropriate choice? If you wish, you can answer this from the perspective of the title and how you approach your legislators, since I suggested an accurate approach to both and I am not sure which of my suggestions of honesty you are taking offense at.

    So Tytalus, make a good impression for the readers. Follow Joy of Fishes' advice and be friendly. Tackle my criticism and questions head on instead of dodging the issue. After all, if my "attacking the diarist" is making a certain type of impression, then your attack on me makes the exact same impression...

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