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View Diary: The ACA "Congress Exemption" -- What are All of the Facts? (15 comments)

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  •  Now is a good time to ensure our lawmakers (3+ / 0-)

    make use of the same healthcare (wait, health insurance) we all are to use. No special treatment! I can guaran-damn-tee ya that if they were to use the same as the rest of us, it would be top dollar. This is something to watch in regard to populist politics: does Congress get to bypass the exchanges? And this leads to the next question for the public: If the exchanges are so good, why does Congress want to get around them? This could hurt the promotion of ACA (hence why Republicans are fighting this with the Grassley vote - but not too hard because they don't want to give up their own bennies!) so we need to be vigilant on this. Making it about Vitter and not Congress' perks could bite us if we act as if Congress deserves better than the rest of us, and the exchanges are for the peons.

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