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  •  We need to get rid of the NSA, ASAP (5+ / 0-)
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    We can hand their new data center over to NASA for research and pull all of the taps they've got on various service providers. That and start getting rid of a lot of the 4 million or so people with secret clearance, starting with the 500k in the private sector. If it needs clearance make it done by the government, period.

    That means nationalizing some companies, but it's the only way to protect against corporate power. For profit corporations should not have secret clearance, period. They never should have and they never should again. There are simply Too Many Secrets. We need to reverse it and we need to start now before 2016 rolls around and there's the potential for a Republican in the white house.

    They will lie and cheat to get their hands on this sort of intelligence/security apparatus. They're totalitarian theocrats, they'll do anything to get and keep power. They proved it in 2000 and 2004 through voter purges and suppression, not to mention most likely outright fraud through hacked voting machines. And as far as I'm concerned that's not CT anymore, it's reasonable to assume that the right wingers in the intelligence agencies who have been fucking with international standards and ginning up intelligence for a war on Iraq have messed with our internal politics as well. No proof, of course, but to pretend like it's an extraordinary claim at this point beggars belief.

    Because of that we need to dismantle this ASAP. We can not let the regressive GOP get their hands on this. It will be brutal.

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