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  •  War profiteering alive and un-well.. (1+ / 0-)
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    34 million dollar military command and control center built in Afghanistan that the military does not need or ask for and sits empty

    (short commercial – sorry)
    Transcript @ link:
    This is where our tax dollars are being sucked up; by the MIC of corporations milking the system a few million here a few billion there.  Private war profiteers – many no-bid contracts without the competition the GOP pretends to cherish

    So when republicans begin their “spending problem” bullshit in their ongoing attack on ”evil socialism” SS, Medicare, and Medicaid , or talk of “waste fraud and abuse” we tell them to STFU – that’s my plan anyway whenever I’m in town and the conversation  comes up – with maybe a bit of steering the talk that way by me – but I’ve learned to keep these talks short and sweet

    •    Also too July 11, 2013: House RWNJ republicans not only strip nutrition programs for the needy from farm bill they add millions in pork for corporations - I have to say these greedy assholes are the scum that forms when rigged elections (gerrymandering and other vote rigging/suppression schemes) allow this corruption to fester
    source: 'All In' w/ Chris Hayes on the added pork to farm bill

    sorry for the repeat comment - but hearing it again reminded me that we really haven't heard enough hammering of rethugs from the MSM and too few of our Dem legislators really letting them have it.

    Also too: The Progessive Caucus has the budgetary solutions but so far the establisment has chosen not to adopt those ideas as the MAIN platform, even though it is most popular and that is amongst polled republicans too - unaware of it's label .  A shame - imo
    And according to a fairly recent CBO (pdf) report, getting rid of sequestration will save 1.6 million jobs...

    The full ranges CBO uses for those parameters suggest that, in the third quarter of calendar year 2014, real GDP could be between 0.2 percent and 1.2 percent higher, and employment 0.3 million to 1.6 million higher, under the proposal than under current law. Because those estimates indicate the effects of a prospective change in law, they do not encompass the full impact of the sequestration that has
    already occurred.
    ..and adopting and aggressively championing the Progressive Caucus' Budget would take all of us a long way to a more prosperous egalitarian start on things.
    •  Harpers Index (1+ / 0-)
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      Portion of Americans who provide some care for family members or friends with significant health problems : 2/5
      Surely there are some folks who remember a time before S.S. and later, Medicare.

      The add-on bedrooms for the parent. Before the 2nd New  deal that provided a person could retire with security and a some comfort for themselves

      This is the world the republicans would have us return to.

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