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  •  Guess I'm older than i thought (2+ / 0-)
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    MPociask, The House

    House, good post. BBB, helpful reply.

    I loved the story but recoiled at the "n word". I'm from the south. My parents never used it and didn't approve of others using it. Plenty of my white friends used it disparagingly growing up. Most evolved out of it and hopefully out of the mindset behind it.

    I guess I'm stuck on that old school of thought (bad, demeaning word) rather than the idea that perhaps through continued, casual, unthreatening use the impact/meaning of the word will change.

    I'm still not comfortable hearing it in pretty much any setting. To me when it comes from a caucasian it sounds racist, mean or filthy. From another race it still sounds bad to me.

    Guess I need to keep working on staying young...

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