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  •  Don't give them an 'out' (4.00)
    I agree that the tone of that is a bit problematic - "talk is cheap" is pretty aggressive.

    Someone needs to take a WW-II era poster, update it to the minimal amount necessary, and submit that.  Submit it to liberal outlets as well.

    If the liberal pubs publish it (with a straight face) while the conservative pubs reject it as too negative, at the very same time that the liberals point out that the war was a mistake (but we still need a strong army to hunt ObL in Afghanistan, keep N. Korea from having adventures in S. Korea, etc.) and the conservatives are still gung ho over Iraq, then we'll have something.

    ObChickenHawkDisclosure:  44 and no previous military experience.  Even recruiters aren't that desperate.  Yet.

    •  Nice. (none)
      Keep it visible, keep it fresh. While they're downplaying the visual, we can upplay it, and seem non partisan!
    •  forty-four (none)
      actually you've only missed it by two years.

      that's right - the army is now accepting officer candidates up to 42:

      the Army hopes to attract 300 soldiers up to age 42 to attend Officer Candidate School and become second lieutenants. Using the same age criteria, they also hope to attract an additional 300 civilians with college degrees as officer candidates. The Army National Guard and Army Reserve are working on similar programs, according to the memo.

      The new criteria establish a clear departure from current rules, which state an applicant should not reach "your 29th birthday prior to training" and be in "good moral standing." The average age for an Officer Candidate School graduate is 27, Army officials said.

      According to the memo, soldiers age 18 to 42 may apply, and division commanders may recommend waiver of minor civil or military offenses.

      so i guess we don't have to limit ourselves to the college republicans after all.

      l'homme est né libre, et partout il est dans les fers

      by zeke L on Tue Jun 21, 2005 at 11:33:40 PM PDT

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