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View Diary: Do the Democrats Really Want to Bear the Blame for a Crash that Wall Street Will Cause? (19 comments)

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    cynndara, I don't think that is the way it has to be. The crunch comes when the Party facing defeat is the Party that pretends to be the Party of the people. Once that mask has been ripped off, it won't help that Party's office holders that they have more bank and Wall Street funding. They're going down anyway. You said yourself that their incentive is that they want badly to continue to hold office. That's what drives them to the banksters and Wall Street, and when Those supports are obviously failing them, that's when they'll try something else.

    Now, the fact is that Wall Street gambling and crashes are dangerous to Democrats and their careers when the Ds are in power. So, maybe the Democrats will cease an opportunity to do something different. That opportunity will be there if the President decides he's had enough of hostage-taking and mints that $60 T coin. That is the critical point when change is possible.

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