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View Diary: Can a Small California City Take on Wall Street - And Survive? (298 comments)

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  •  There is a lot that is threatening the banks. (2+ / 0-)
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    Just Bob, jpmassar

    After all, they are playing with currency that belongs to the people. Congress has created and maintained the myth that the dollars come from banks, but that's just not fact.

    Congress is a little like the tooth fairy. However, while the tooth fairy being revealed as really being mom and dad engenders warm feelings in their off-spring, if Congress reveals that it's been withholding dollars for no good reason (to advantage their buds in the financial world) then the peeps are not going to be too glad.

    And the Tea Party people are going to be furious. They thought they had addressed the major route of extortion by shutting off the earmarks. Little did they realize that the whole federal appropriations process is a funnel to the favored and a deprivation to the despised. How many contracts and grants are written so only one bidder qualifies?

    How did, just for example, an outfit like Cannon International get to provide computers for the Department of Justice that later had to be scrapped because the enterprise went belly up? Remember that fellow out of California whose buddy actually went to prison probably because he ratted out a scheme to digitize all the documents associated with the Panama invasion that had already been digitized.
    Ah, yes, Randall Duke Cunningham (who got out of prison in June, btw) and his friend Brent Wilkes.
    The problem with Cunningham was that he took goods in exchange for his favors. More astute members of Congress trade votes (pro or con) to advantage the people in their communities that control lots of jobs/votes. What's a tour of the facilities worth? People who never get the tour don't know.

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