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    Dartagnan, side pocket

    but dare I say that the prediction is off.

    First of all, the national debt is largely owed to Americans. If bond dividends don't get paid, it's mostly people on Wall Street who will get stiffed. And, given that they supposedly lost $40 trillion in the collapse of 2008 and none of them jumped off any roofs, the financial catastrophe would seem to be largely unreal.

    Which is not to say that the Tea Party people aren't serious. They recognized, correctly, that Congress was using earmarks to, in effect, buy votes for incumbents. So, they called a halt and we aren't hearing about the advantages of incumbency any more. In fact, the House has seen 212 freshmen in the last three elections. Where the Tea Party people are wrong is in not recognizing that the favors Congress passed out were long balanced by rationing dollars and stiffing populations they don't like. And now that's just about every one of the 58% of the voting age population that turned out and elected Barack Obama twice and brought the House to a near stand-still.

    Really, if the Congress can't use bribes to curry favor with the electorate, what else has it got? The threat of punishment. And, if it is to be widespread, all it can be is a threat because 99% simply can't be punished--not when the shadow economy has grown to $2 trillion and shows no sign of stopping. Which means that, at this point, all they can reap is the whirlwind. They can hunker down, but they're not going to enjoy it.

    The problem, of course, is that the Congress is hoist on the myth that it has no power over the dollar. Not only is the Tea Party kerfuffle demonstrating that it does (Ron Paul was correct about that), but it's only a matter of time before the country discovers that the Congressional claim to impotence is a sham. Was that not already the message delivered by the proposed vote on a war with Syria? Was not the AUMF back in 2001 nothing but an abrogation of Congressional authority, shifting the blame to the executive, and then funding the military with surreptitious appropriations bills that borrowed dollars from the Trust Funds, which are now proposed to be stiffed?

    Why would the Congress do that? Because they do not like the people who can hire and fire them. Our Congress critters are disgruntled employees. Why are they disgruntled? Because they thought they were poobahs and discovered they're just po'boys.

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