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View Diary: You Can Teach a Young Dog Old Tricks: Driving a Clutch (101 comments)

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  •  Wish I'd thought of the horn lesson (11+ / 0-)

    when I was teaching MY kids to drive a stick shift. Funny story. Like you, I spent a bit of time in a big, empty parking lot stalling and burning rubber with my kiddos and another boy who was like a second son to me.

    1986. Southern CA. My daughter couldn't wait to drive. Freedom (escape from mom's watchful eyes) and all that. At the time we had 2 cars with stick shifts; a '77 Volare station wagon and an old Honda Civic. My daughter begged me to teach her the ins and outs of shifting - NOW. She'd taken driver's ed during the summer, iirc, but had to take the driving test at the DMV on one of our cars. She was so motivated it took her almost no time at all to learn. She still drives a stick sometimes and prefers the driving experience you have with a stick.

    1990. Still Southern CA. My son got a learner's permit after taking driver's ed, but he was not at all interested in going out with mom to learn how to drive a stick. He let his learner's permit expire and only when he fell in love a year or so later did he see the value of having a license. So, heart beating fast, he learned to drive a stick, quickly. Motivated, don't you know? Any other parent who had a 16-year-old son who wasn't interested in driving? I didn't think so. Weird, but wonderful, child.

    BTW, I also taught my husband to drive a stick in 1967 (he'd had only automatic transmissions and I refused to drive anything but a stick). Evidently the lessons didn't take too well because the kids still roll their eyes when Dad gets behind the wheel of a manual transmission.

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