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View Diary: You Can Teach a Young Dog Old Tricks: Driving a Clutch (101 comments)

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    JeffW, OrdinaryIowan, marina

    I own both, mostly because trucks w/ automatic transmission can tow a lot more, and I occasionally need to haul trailers about (carrying gliders, thus my moniker).

    But I like driving manual transmissions, and always have.

    I was pleased to find out in my mid-20s that the clutch skill shifts readily from car to motorcycle, even as the feet and hands change (car: clutch=left foot, shift=right hand (UK: right hand); motorcycle: clutch=left hand, shift=left foot).

    I spent some time in Australia a while back, and wound up driving a couple of ancient ('51?) Massey tractors - no sychromesh at all! Had to teach myself how to double-clutch...

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