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View Diary: Democrats are the party of Long term Thinking and Economics and republicans the party of privilege (4 comments)

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  •  I'm thinking that short-term memory (0+ / 0-)

    is lacking in many people and it only shows up as they age and become physically incapacitated so their habitual behavior are no longer adequate to their daily needs.
    It may be that people who tell stories from the past over and over again do so because they have no awareness of the present and can't remember the immediate past.
    Not having short-term memory means that they are always late, unless someone keeps them on track. It means they can't respond to changing situations because all their behavioral patterns are habitual and fixed. It also means they can't think ahead.
    So, the Cons want to go back because they are incapable of thinking ahead. They know there is a future, but they fully expect it to be a repetition of the past because that's what their own behaviors are. The make plans for the future -- wishful thinking. Those plans would never come to fruition if long-term thinkers didn't carry them out for them. That they are not well-intentioned tends to be missed by people who are.
    Why are the short-term memory deficient not well-intentioned? Because they do not know where their interest lies. Moreover, we are inclined to assume that a person who disregards his/her own interest is altruistic and well-meaning towards other people. But, that's wrong. People who don't know their own interest have no interest in other people's well being either. Can't.

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