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View Diary: "It's all part of life's rich pageantry, you know?" Cancer that is... (29 comments)

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  •  (((((((Brook)))))))) (1+ / 0-)
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    peregrine kate

    I am so grateful that you've found the strength and will to answer this diary.  I believe that as my Mom sees others with whom she will be able to continue to connect with as we sail the rough seas, as it were, it will provide hope, strength, healing for her.

    I know that these experiences are private ones and so when I see others who step out of the shadow to offer a wave and a smile it's comforting to me and my Mom, I know.

    I know I am going to learn alot with this experience and I hope to be able to come out the other side not only with my Mom well and prepared to live many more years of a  life that could be fulfilling, but I hope to be educated so that I may be able to help others.  No time like the present... if I can be there for you and your family in any way, please let me know.  I don't want to just receive, through all of this but there has to be some way to give back.

    Keep us in your thoughts, prayers, meditations.  Obviously we will do the same for you Brook.

    Loving Regards,
    Jacqueline and Cheryl

    •  I too hope to find (2+ / 0-)
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      Mehdique, barbwires

      ways to share in a healthy, productive way as we walk through the light and shadows. I want to somehow find strength to share, to love, to leave sunshine not tears.

      Thank you for welcoming me into the unity and love which I
      think can become an eternal well of strength for those who
      find themselves in our footsteps.xxoo

      •  Brook... (0+ / 0-)

        Already you offer such beauty and peace.  I see life in such a different way, I suppose. We all have our own views.  I do believe that we all leave behind an energy that carries continuum for our families, friends and people we may never "know" in this life.

        Just these words of yours are the very well of strength that you speak of.  You are that very well.

        I do believe that we all cross paths for various reasons, no matter how long or brief the time.  For me, our crossing of paths is quite clear. You're now a part of my life that I will carry with me always.  Your deeply profound words of kindness, wisdom and love are almost other-worldly.  As a matter of fact, I'm certain that they are.

        I hope you feel loved and respected right in this moment, because you are.  What an incredible contribution to this life you are.  It doesn't happen often, but you leave me speechless on so many levels.

        What more can I say than, thank you, Brook.  Thank you for allowing me this tiny place in your existence and please... always feel welcome into ours.


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