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View Diary: Watch Me Own a Troll, Jedi Style [BREAKING Update: New Troll Owning in Progress] (97 comments)

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  •  Well played sir (6+ / 0-)

    My point is that the accusation of "trolling" is way overdone in political debates.

    Your initial reply to Fat Bastard, challenging the premise of her/his question, is good debating 101. The pot/kettle insult trade didn't continue that. It was garden variety flame war tactics.  

    I find it better to presume good faith in all but the most egregious of debating partners.  If one one is not arguing in good faith, you can drive them to reveal t by simply repeatedly asking them to pacify and expand upon their core assumptions.  It's called "active listening," where you attempt to rephrase how you understand the substance of an opposed  view.  If someone is really tolling they can't deal with this and usually flip out. But if they aren't you may have a genuine handle to affect their thinking and maybe even shift their understanding.

    That is the point of political debate.  Not winning arguments, but changing minds.  You will not change the minds of those who may disagree on principled grounds  (even if you are strongly opposed to their principles) by dismissing them immediately as "trolls" just for engaging you critically.  

    I just find the instant branding of opposition as "trolling" unhelpful, certainly on dKos, where it happens constantly.

    Of course, I never read Reddit. So I have no idea about their site culture.

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