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View Diary: Sunday Train: Rapid Rail and Pedal to the Metal Climate Change Policy (pt 1) (43 comments)

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    ... the energy efficiency of rail freight over truck freight comes from factors like the lower wind resistance when hauling railcars in train compared to individual trucks, and lower rolling resistance of steel wheel on steel rail versus rubber wheel on asphalt road.

    And as in the greater energy efficiency of electric freight rail over diesel freight rail, most of the energy input is electricity rather than heat and, indeed, for the common diesel-electric prime movers, the diesel fuel is used to generate electricity which is used to drive electric motors, though at the cost of having to haul the generation around and losing the ability to recover electricity when using dynamic braking.

    The previous times I stepped through that in detail, it was as part of a separate diary, rather than a diary all by itself.

    In the Millennium Institute modelling, the saving of diesel fuel by shifting existing diesel freight is included, but most of the 10% saving in our petroleum consumption that I noted here comes from the saving in diesel truck freight.

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