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View Diary: Bernie Sanders Manages a Graceful Parting Jab at Larry Summers (90 comments)

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  •  Oh, It Will Happen (3+ / 0-)

    Ugh, it's Monday and now I'm on a tear...

    Anyone who thinks this particular irrefutable fatherland gift from god to humanity patch of land surrounded by fences is somehow immune to drastic change any more than any other irrefutable fatherland patch of land surrounded by fences since the beginning of civilization needs to just keep their heads buried in the sand - everything will be fine forever and ever.  The sun will never set on the American empire.

    Seriously, sometimes we are so full of ourselves as to be almost comic, a 240 year old child of a country put up in comparison against a couple thousand years or more of civilization.  Does history provide zero lessons regarding possible outcomes to widespread despair when it hits a tipping point?  The real part of the equation is how many people will die before and during any transition and which way will the transition fall?

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