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  •  hyperthyroidism (9+ / 0-)

    specific, graves'... steals so much from me. bulging twisted eyes. could wake up w/o vision one day. double vision is kinda fun. hard swollen feet. drained energy. emotional storms. sleep when i can.

    i might not be wired correctly to even blog anymore. have to censor & filter myself.

    my body is actively beating & eating itself up. vehicle is about to be towed. almost saying go ahead & take it.

    the hormone swirl is laoded coffee from two days ago. worse than tar sand ethanol blended gas in a once sporty sports car. wikipedia has an interesting diagram of the hormone flow.. it feels like a blackhole sometimes.

    i find myself getting unglued looking frantically for the tape. while people create more problems that didn't need existing or fixing in the first place. i told 'em what this disease can sometimes do.

    there's good resources on the web about this particular disease. am writing a diary. is difficult though. where to go. how to begin. where to close. they tend to find this disease after a dr. or insurance plan change & then after you've lost most everyting.. marriage, employment, etc.. oh, that's why.. & for me it was certainly true.

    i'm sure it clogged my arteries & gave me an emergency CABG. no wonder i couldn't see in the sunlight & overheated too much too fast. lots of ignored signs. like a few shrugged off chest pains.

    stress makes stuff worse. stress is so very very bad.

    sound advice from this diary! diseases may be general - but we are unique & affected so very differently.

    relaxation. prioritize.. needs. wants. wishes. mindfullness.

    thank you FLSNMOM!

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