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View Diary: D.C. minimum wage proposal looks like an attempt to distract from big box living wage veto (20 comments)

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  •  Somebody needs to tell Wells that if his veto is (0+ / 0-)

    the defining vote to get this overturned and the law past he will be seen as doing something not only good for DC but for the rest of America as Wal-Mart has to admit it can still make mountains of profits and pay their workers a barely decent wage and I woud say $12.50 is still too low. Australia gets by with a minimum wage that ranges from $15-22 and they have one of the strongest middle classes in the world. Out middle class isn't dying, it's being bled dry by billionaire quacks whose solution to everything is "make it easier for me to make ever more money and to enshrine my family name into royalty just like we revolted against and wrote a Constitiution to protect from and make every poor person, regardless if they are children, senior citizens, or disabled, suffer as much suffering as they can take, to live on ever less while a few thousand people live ever more like literal Kings and Queens, their empires amassing fortunes higher than first world nations." That's their policy summed up in one incredibly long Germanic style sentence. The enshrinement of their family and business names at the expense of everybody else in the nation and the world, scraping ever more meat from our bones to insure their princess daughter can have Kanye perform at her Sweet Sixteen where the princess gets ten $1,000,000 Mercedes, one in each color scheme to match her outfits and all her friends, who just love her for being her, get tasty $10,000 gift bags that will make them talk at least two or three days on twatter and Fakebook. Isn't it far morei mportant that a daughter's birthday is buzzed about on social networks for two or three days than health care or food for children? After all, her daddy, Mr. Sam Walton XII paid a hundred million to reanimate Kanye's corpse because he's such a retro hit now. It would have been a perfect event if that weird from the Founders, the one's who is basically a brain a jar now, hadn't run over twelve people in the parking garage, but that crazy old lady refuses to get a driver no matter how many peasants she runs over and how many DUIs her lawyers make disappear.
    We can all remember Wells for helping formet an expanding strike against the Multinationals that rape our souls to squeeze out a few more points of profits or he can be resigned to the dustbin of history where most cowards find themselves. A thousand years from now will we have an extended Wal-Mart clan that owns 78% of everything in America? Where Wal-Mart children will have their own reality shows follow them around as precocious youngers, "Wasn't it hilarious when Jersey Walton peed on that homeless veteran?!?" barks the announcer, and then we get to watch them go through a succession of fiances through Bachelor style faux formulaic love (tm) and then onto their Honey Boo-Boo or Real Housewives stage in their lifes, with some stints in Intervention where Dr. Drew's brain in an android body will dispense sage advice and medications to instantly end addiction that the vast majority of people can't afford (Don't worry, the show cares, it gives two free injections a year to random fans who sign up for invasive apps that track their every move on their smart jailed phones.), and then we'll get to watch their inevitable Bridezilla phase the Groom's adventures that try their best to mimic the latest Hangover film, number 87 I think, it'll all spin. One way our another. Spin it towards love and equality or exclusion, hate, and isolation because that's what it comes down to for the right: hating people they don't like and isolating themselves from those people as much as possible and doing as little for those people as possible. After all, dumb fear sells far easier than intelligent, compassionat, understanding love. Celebrate our differences or malign them, we'll still dance the night away even if it's inside our minds like a trip to Brazil.

    Radio Free Moscow -- A Blue Beacon in the Red State of Idaho -8.5219, -2.0592

    by brentbent on Mon Sep 16, 2013 at 06:17:33 PM PDT

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