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  •  The TeeVee machine and its successor the inter- (0+ / 0-)

    net have changed and hopefully will continue to change people's attitudes toward war and its resultant slaughter and destruction.

    The country at large changed its attitudes about treatment of Blacks in the South, and elsewhere when they saw it every evening when they sat down to dinner.

    They changed their attitudes toward the decades long war (it really started in the late 50's if not earlier, depending on one's definition of "war." Mine is killing people in other countries with guns.)  Because we saw dying young Americans and massacres like My Lai, that were perpetrated by us.  And we didn't like what we saw.  We didn't like what we were doing to our youth or to the Vietnamese.

    The reason we get all het up about sarin gas in Syria is that it was used against "children."  Those images were played day in and day out for weeks to whip up our war fervor.  We didn't give a damn about gassed Iranians in the thousands or Kurds in the  thousands or even adult Syrians.

    So the Tee Vee images are being used as propaganda both ways.  Fairly effectively.

    But the images of our losses in Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan have taught many flag wavers to think twice about what war means, and what it costs both to us and to destroyed countries like Iraq and Afghanistan.

    Slowly we are learning, and it will become, I hope, increasingly difficult to flaunt pictures of dying children as the sole reason to go to war where other measures may be as effective and much less destructive of all those other dead children that wars cause but whose bodes we never see.

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