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    Jesus Freak for a class at church. The author is coming to my church Friday after next. She is someone who takes all that stuff that Jesus actually said - you know the stuff about feeding people, healing, etc -- she takes that really, really seriously. This book is trouble, and lots more people should read it.

    Codex Born by Jim Hines. Love it, lots of fun. Librarians, magic that comes from books, magical creatures that come from books, Dr Who & Firefly references.... I love this guy.

    Beautifully Unique Sparkleponies: On Myths, Morons, Free Speech, Football, and Assorted Absurdities is brilliant & funny. After reading his chapter on pay disparities, where he asks in disbelief if one year of what he is does is worth 20+ years of what a teacher does, I tweeted a proposal to him -- and he replied. Reading his chapter today on how we get the government we deserve, I was tempted to propose again.

    And I got a book from the library called Goodnight Mind. I'm hoping to find a way to make my rain stop waking me up to tell me stories. I'm supposed to be asleep for them, they're supposed to be dreams. I've got to stop waking up at 4 am, there's not enough time to get really back to sleep, even if I could get my brain to stfu.

    •  Good luck getting back to sleep (6+ / 0-)

      I hope the book helps.

      I have a net friend with that problem.  I don't have that problem since I am still up at that time, usually.  :)

      Hubby says that I have no trouble going back to sleep at any time.  I think that came from having to get up with babies and small children.

      I do have trouble sometimes when we are going on a trip the next day.

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