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  •  Weighty tomes (7+ / 0-)
    What are your reasons for committing to a big book?  Is it because you have liked other books by the author as I did with Sanderson’s?  Is it because someone you trust mentions it to you and the blurb sounds good as happened with Great North Road for me?  Is it because you read the first few pages and got sucked in?  

    Is it because you prefer big meaty books instead of small ones?  Is it because you are thankful that it is all in one book and you don’t have to wait for sequels?  Is it because it is a classic?  Is it because you have time to spend and you have had good experiences with tomes?  Is it because you have heard that the book is really good or that you like the genre it represents?  Is it because it is part of a series?

    There are certain books (like your challenge books) that are like Mount Everest.  I feel challenged to read them because they're there.  Ulysses and In Search of Lost Time are examples of those.

    Mostly, though, if something sounds attractive enough, I'll try it whether it's 98 or 980 pages long.  I've got The Golden Notebook and War and Peace in my TBR stack now.  Recently, I also decided I needed to read Darwin's The Descent of Man, having had no idea how fat a tome that one is until I saw it in the bookstore.

    Heaven help me!

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