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View Diary: Koch/ALEC group lies about Wisconsin's funded pension (10 comments)

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  •   WI Has One Of The Best Funded Public Pension (3+ / 0-)
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    Mike Kahlow, JVolvo, isewquilts2

    systems? WARNING!! You can bet Walker (and the Koch brothers) are going to try like hell to get their hands on that money for their corporate buddies.  And then of course, once Walker and his cronies skim the money from the public pension system, they will report that the WI public pension system is "woefully underfunded" and must be "reformed" (i.e. privatized).  And you KNOW who they are going to blame for the underfunding - the greedy teachers union of course!! It's going to be straight out of the right wing/Koch brothers/Scott Walker playbook.  Wisconsinites be forewarned, and be prepared.

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