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View Diary: The White Gaze Quite Literally Shot and Killed Jonathan Ferrell (108 comments)

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  •  what about the black woman whose kids (6+ / 0-)

    were drowned in Hurricane Sandy when people wouldn't answer her knocks? The parable of the good samaritan apparently does not apply anymore.

    •  Apples and oranges (5+ / 0-)

      This situation isn't really comparable to that one. Here we have a woman who is home alone and has a large man she doesn't know loudly banging on her door at 2:30 AM. She would have been foolish to just open the door and let him in. As has been noted above, most home invasions start like this.

      She did the right thing: she didn't let a stranger in and she called the police. She had every reason to expect the police would handle the situation properly: either they'd arrest him if he were indeed a threat or would aid him if that was what he truly needed. She can't be blamed for the police doing the absolutely wrong thing.

    •  The good samaritan thing to do (4+ / 0-)

      when someone knocks on the door of your house and makes it clear he needs help (there's no indication that this person did that) is to say, through the door -- Ok I'm calling 911, they are on their way!  

      Frankly, that's what I tell my children to do.

      If this young man knocked on the door and after she opened and closed it again were thinking straight (and I suspect he may not have been immediately after the accident) he would have recognized that a woman alone would never want to open the door to a strange man  and yelled "Lady, I've been in an accident, can you call 911 for me?"  And then she could have - behind the closed door -- reported that to the 911 operator.  She didn't have to believe him (home invaders can lie) but that's what I would have done -- tell the 911 operator, he says he was in an accident and needs help. '

      Now, there's no indication that he did that -- and that's not his fault, since he had just been in an accident and was probably disoriented.  So assuming that he didn't (or even that he did while he continued to bang on the door and she didn't hear what he was saying) she couldn't tell 911 that.  All she could do was report what was happening and -- like most people do -- explain to 911 why they are scared or feel threatened.

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