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  •  Almost nobody calls 911 and says (5+ / 0-)

    "there's someone conducting an attempted breaking and entering."  That's police/legal jargon.  Nobody but a police officer or a criminal lawyer is likely to SAY they are calling "to report an attempted breaking and entering."

    Instead, most people call 911 and tell them what's going on and why they are afraid/suspicious/threatened.  Then, the 911 operator has to put that discussion into one of several pre-set categories.  B&E is one of those categories.    There might be other categories -- vandalism, disturbing the peace, etc. -- but the dispatcher is going to categorize it as the most serious thing it COULD reasonably be.

    She very well might have said something like this:  "there's a stranger banging on my door at 2:30 in the morning, he saw me open the door by myself and I shut it right away, but he won't go away and keeps banging on the door, and I'm scared he's trying to get in." (See the many, many links I provided in another comment showing that home invasions sometimes start with a knock on the door by a stranger.)  Then the operator could easily have characterized it as an attempted B&E for the police who were dispatched.  That's NOT a statement to the police that this is definitely what is happening, that's a statement to the police by the dispatcher that this is the category that the call could fall into.  

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