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View Diary: The NSA Could Destroy The Internet As We Know It (235 comments)

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  •  It could decrease (23+ / 0-)

    your ability to interact with people in foreign countries online. It's not just money, though the NSA is disrupting our economy. It's also the concept and privilege of interacting with foreigners in ways not possible before.

    For example, theocratic Arab nations could build their own backbone and base their internet off religious principles. We in the US couldn't interact with average people in those countries because they'd be physically on a different network.

    What Brazil (and other countries) are suggesting is the fracturing of the WWW, and their stated goals are to turn what we know of as the internet into a US-only internet.

    Since the backbone we made spans the world, foreigners can connect if they wanted and had the ability. It's likely though that some foreign governments would ban that in the name of their own national security, and in some cases the civil rights of their leaders. I wouldn't be surprised if some foreign governments physically disconnected US bound connections.

    •  1996, Saudi Arabia required every line of Code (6+ / 0-)

      to be inspected to prevent US (aka, NSA) from inserting spy code into their software for managing its national government management software.

      While we here have been feed lines of shit that the our government is not spying on us and would never violate our rights as American citizens.

      Who has been the fools? The Arab nation with Nomadic traditions or us the enlightened nation of forward thinkers?

      Want a guess?

      BTW, did you know that in Saudi Arabia requires sellers of goods like food (Potato Chips) fill the bags full with chips while in America we are sold bags (containers) filled with air.

      Who are the fools? The Nomadic camel herders or us?

      We get politicians who are brought and sold by the corporations the rest of us can go kiss their asses.

    •  Which is why the lede today is very much (7+ / 0-)

      about Iran censoring Twitter. We've already seen this with Syria; my friends from Syria report (anecdotally to me) that their phones are tapped. Some nations are afraid of letting their citizens talk across borders, and they censor this by way of censoring the free flow of conversation.

      Which is why we need to see the big picture implications of the NSA upon the entire way that the world functions since it's become highly reliant on trade and communications porosity enabled by the net.

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