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View Diary: Laid off workers will have alternative to expensive COBRA coverage (46 comments)

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  •  I think a "decision tree" would help to think this (0+ / 0-)

    through. Something like this, but graphic with branches:

    If you have been laid off, do you want to keep your present provider (yes/no)?
      If yes buy COBRA coverage
      If no go on exchange
    Has your COBRA coverage run out (yes/no)?
      If yes go on exchange
      If no, is the present date between Oct.15 and Dec.7 (yes/no)?
         If no, WAIT until next Oct 15
         If yes, you are eligible- go on exchange
    etc etc.

    Having it on a website with explanations would help.

    Question- Is there a way to substitute web-based outreach for the live-human outreach presently being blocked in Red states? How hard would it be to provide this? Could this be crowd-funded through Kickstarter? Something has to be done to help the folks in Red states who desparately need ACA access!

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