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  •  Hi Noisy (7+ / 0-)

    My impression is that while the diary is focussed on a critique of the situation in Syria, there are many explicit criticisms of Islam, that dominate the narrative. The first paragraph refers to "a dangerous naiveté regarding Islam and the Muslim world" and a "failure to understand the core tenets of the Muslim religion (resulting from a policy of carefully ignoring any associations between jihadi violence and a religion considered holy by 3.5 billion easily-offended people)".

    I feel that the commenters in this diary are capable of distinguishing between "the ideology motivating many of the rebels" and a broader understanding of Islam, which is not accurately reflected in this diary. I believe they are offended by the conflation of the two interpretations, eg the claim that violent Al-qaeda-linked jihadis responsible for "burning Christian churches, kidnapping women and children, gnawing on the hearts of their recently-deceased enemies, beheading enemy captives, etc., etc" are representative of Islam in general.

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