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  •  I hate to say this but in many locales, animal (6+ / 0-)

    control reigns supreme and ordinary occurrences for most stockmen, such as equines escaping and visiting a neighboring property, can earn you a hefty fine for the first offense.
    If your neighbor decides your equines are too thin, based on the horses they see on TV, expect a visit and possible confiscation.  At the very least expect to pay a vet to visit and give you a clean bill of health.

    In one case, the complaining party visited the property with the officer and decided, since the horses appeared to be abused, that the horseowner's dog was in danger and so took it home with her.  The horses were later declared to be unharmed and in no danger but even suing the confiscatory neighbor did not result in the return of the canine.

    At the same time, the local shelter was closed down when it was learned that distemper had infected the majority of dogs there and the then head of the shelter had been concealing the fact and burying deceased dogs in secret.

    What we are facing is a conflict between town and country, between people who are experienced with various animals and principles of raising livestock vs various people who have a romanticized view of how livestock should be raised.
    I am anticipating having to get rid of the few animals I have left in the next few years and I keep my fox terrierist inside

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