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View Diary: Iran's President Pledges To Never Develop Nuclear Weapons (132 comments)

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    Point 1 is a historical fact. You can quibble with my phrasing if you wish but Iran's desire to have chemical and nuclear weapons is a long standing one. The fact that I have mentioned certain historically known facts and the best those opposing this view have mustered is 'is not' or 'you're no expert' to me shows how weak your argument is. If you truly think me factually wrong then why not prove it?

    And point 2 well that's at best an opinion though I wasn't really framing that as anything more concrete then 'isn't the timing interesting'. You can dismiss it as coincidence or the beating of a butterfly's wings or anything else you wish. Personally speaking it is my opinion that they are linked and I have made my case why. I have neither desire nor inclination to repeat myself on that score.

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