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View Diary: Rep. Phil Gingrey is 'stuck here' in Congress making only $172,000 a year (80 comments)

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    we should remind ourselves that it was the Republicans, during the debate about passages of the ACA, who insisted that Congress be treated specially. Since Congress members and staffers were federal employees and already had healthcare plans through their employers, they wouldn't have had to replace them under the ACA. To score a political point, the GOP proposed a special requirement that Congress get their healthcare through the exchanges in order to embarrass Democrats, but the Democrats, always ready to include Republican ideas in their otherwise reasonably sound legislation, adopted it. As far as I know Congress is they only group who must give up employer-sponsored plans and use the exchanges, and the logic of this was never clear except as ordinary grandstanding.

    Now the chickens are coming home to roost, and the less affluent members and staffers are beginning to understand the lack of wisdom of the original idea, but only Congress can change the ACA, and making this particular change is very unlikely, not to mention politically unwise. The OPM can mitigate the consequences of this by retaining the subsidies already being paid, hence the current debate.

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