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View Diary: Kansas tells Feds: You're not the Boss of Us (122 comments)

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    First, I understand exactly what you are getting at with regards to standards.

    Second, there are key problems with the argument being voiced here.  They are:  This standard is NOT in any way a federal standard, it's a standard the states adopted amongst governors (so their case is reactionary and wrong), and more importantly, their case is not predicated on defining standards, it is instead designed around the idea of rejecting all standards.

    As others have noted there are places that have their own standards that are not part of this, but that is not at all what Kansas is attacking.

    The entire point of trying to get across the wit element here isn't to say I'm a huge fan of the standard (I'm not) but rather the state of Kansas is so willing to fault everything on the federal government and declare themselves in rebellion that they have no clue what they are rebelling against, and more importantly, all they really desire is to put religion back in schools.

    Even the most disastrous standard does not apply to this ground that they are proposing.


    Gandhi's Seven Sins: Wealth without work; Pleasure without conscience; Knowledge without character; Commerce without morality; Science without humanity; Worship without sacrifice; Politics without principle

    by Chris Reeves on Thu Sep 19, 2013 at 03:36:25 PM PDT

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