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  •  I thought it was cool watching the bag-pipping (7+ / 0-)

    firefighters show up in the capital and I thought it was cool that people stood up for what they thought was right. I didn't follow it closely enough to know what the issues were and whether a recall was the way to accomplish what they wanted - those thoughts never crossed my mind, just didn't pay too much attention to it. But I assumed I would be on the side of the recallers. That's not to say I agreed or disagreed - I was more ambivalent about the recall.

    Now, I think Dems should think twice about using a recall for policy differences, especially considering that a recall in an off year election when vote by mail is not allowed by a court decision and there is a lot of confusion about the rules, the process, who is on the ballot, etc. It's ripe for the GOP to exploit the process and they are really good at that - see Colorado state senator recalls.  

    •  You mean when 33% of the Democrats surveyed (2+ / 0-)
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      in that district supported the recall?


      When we got the results back, we found that 33% of Democrats in the district supported the recall. It might be normal for Democrats in Kentucky or West Virginia to abandon their party in those kinds of numbers, but that doesn't happen in Colorado or in most of the rest of the country. That finding made me think that respondents may not have understood what they were being asked, so I decided to hold onto it. I would have done the same thing if we'd found 33% of Republicans saying they opposed the recall.

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