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  •  What of all the other ways you can randomly die? (1+ / 0-)
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    I agree with not wanting to be randomly shot.  But what about being randomly mugged and stabbed?  Randomly hit by a car?  Randomly falling off a bicycle and dying, as happened to my college roommate?  Randomly falling off a ladder?  Randomly drowning in a lake?

    First, admit that you accept the risk of random death each and every day, and you don't respond by demanding that everything under the sun be banned.  Bad things happen.  Some are accidents, some are criminal actions.  If instead of being randomly shot you're randomly run over by a drunk driver, we don't respond to that criminal act by banning alcohol or cars.  That also doesn't mean that car ownership overrides your Right to Life.

    You ask for a compromise, and that compromise is for you to not own a gun.  Statistically speaking, as the Gun Fail diaries attest, a person is more likely to be shot by the gun inside the home than by a random shooting outside the home.  If you don't own a gun, your risk of being shot is much lower.

    So don't own a gun, and don't associate with people who own guns.  Statistically, you will then be more likely to die in a car crash than from a shooting.  Accept that risk as you do the others, and move on.

    •  No ... that compromise is ... (2+ / 0-)
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      a2nite, JVolvo

      Treat firearms pretty much the way we treat boats, automobiles, trucks, motorcycles, and purebred dogs


      (Did you know that Documented Yachts can  be commandeered by the Department of Defense in time of emergency -- yet people still voluntarily  document their Big Boats so as to avoid the State sales tax?)

      I don't want to "grab your gun" -- not unless you buy me drinks first and ask nicely.

      It's not so much the "killing" ... particularly the statistically insignificant "Mass Shootings " ...  it's the robbery, extortion, and the way sort-of-organized criminal gangs dominate certain neighborhoods.

      What I don't much care for is "entrepreneurs" smuggling handguns from lax-regulation states into strict-regulation states to provide the career criminals of the strict states with their tools-of-trade.

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